Biblically-Based Counseling Tailored for Men.

No Shame. No Stigma.

A place where you can find the confidential support and encouragement you need, shoulder-to-shoulder with a wise guide who understands. 

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 Life is hard and faith is messy. We know.

  • Stress at work, Financial pressure at home 
  • Trying to balance your own needs with marriage and family 
  • Always feeling behind, regretting missed opportunities

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed — but we believe no man should have to stand alone. Take the Hill has helped hundreds of men like you find hope, healing, and freedom while developing a plan to restore, strengthen, and overcome. We can help you too.

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Our Team

At Take the Hill, we understand the transformative power of brotherhood grounded in Christ. Our counselors create a judgment-free zone, partnering with you to help guide you through the issue at hand. We seek to give insight and wise counsel, anchored in Biblical principles, and informed by proven counseling strategies, helping to move you towards the peace, wholeness, and freedom that Christ promises.

Drawing from their own journeys of faith, our team gives you the advantage of over 60+ years of combined experience in Biblical counseling, pastoral care, and coaching. From one-on-one sessions, to small group counseling, or virtual , we’re prepared to help you tackle your challenges with strength, courage, and faith.

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Our Unique Commitment – We Can See You Now

If you’ve ever tried to get an appointment with a counselor, then you know that most practices have a 2-3 month waiting list. That’s not ok with us. When you need to see a counselor, you need to see one now. We know. That’s why we’re committed to keeping a free spot on the calendar 5-days a week for first time clients to be seen immediately. Contact our office to schedule a discovery call now and we’ll get your appointment on the calendar immediately.*

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*All first-time client appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Getting Started Is Simple

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Choose a Biblical Counselor, Virtual or Face-to-Face
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Counseling is obviously such a personal thing, so it is important to find a counselor that’s a good fit for you! Not all counselors are the same, but selecting one doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact our office or schedule a discovery call now.

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Areas We Can Help

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~ Dr. Z

The wisdom and counsel my family and I received from Take the Hill during this difficult season of life has been priceless. Can’t recommend them more highly.

~ A, CEO

Take the Hill showed me how to live, and not just live, but to live with hope beyond what I thought was possible.

~K & M

We share the marriage principles that Take the HIll counseled us through with all of our married friends. What we took away fgrom counseling has brought us more joy, reconciliation, and intimacy than any advice we read in marriage guidance books.


Striving to navigate through life as a man of God is a daily battle. Take the Hill has been an encouraging God-send in my life and reminder that I'm not alone. Sharing the highs and lows with people who want to see you win is priceless!

~ M

I struggled to see how my faith could impact the mundane parts of life. Take the Hill gave me the wisdom and perspective I needed to see God’s purpose and glory in my work, relationships, and daily routines in ways I never knew.

~ T

I worried that my faith wasn’t real. Take the Hill taught me how to cultivate a sincere relationship with Jesus and how to follow Him in practical ways. I began to experience fruit immediately.

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Our Approach – No Shame, No Stigma


If you’re in the weight room and a man asks you to spot him on a lift you don’t accuse him of being weak. In fact, just the opposite, you know he’s about to go all in and you’re honored to be a part of his moment — Asking for help doesn’t mean our faith is weak; it means we're taking a brave step towards strength and wellness. No man can fight the good fight on his own. When life gets heavy, we’re here to help you lift. 

As men, we can be tempted to believe the lie that if we just had more faith, prayed longer, or tried harder, things would get better. But it's okay to admit when we need help. Life is hard, faith is messy— none of us are immune. Struggles with anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, or relationship issues can leave us feeling isolated and alone. We understand.

That’s why at Take the Hill we believe in coming alongside you as brothers in Christ, to offer Biblical counseling, wisdom, and guidance, working with your inherent strengths to help you achieve your goals. 

We’re a no-shame, judgment-free zone. No one wants to be known by a stigma, so we’re not a traditional counseling company — we never diagnose or prescribe. Our team gives you the advantage of over 60+ years of combined experience in Biblical counseling, pastoral care, and coaching, but most importantly, they’re each equipped with their own stories of radical transformation, healing, and hope in Christ.

Brother, there’s just too much at stake to try and go it alone. You don’t have to wait until the wheels come off. Invest in yourself, your family, and your future and contact us today. Just imagine what your life would look like if you had a wise counselor or coach to help you navigate this season of life? Imagine how much stronger you’d feel knowing you weren’t alone and someone had your back? 

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What's Really At Stake?

Brother, there’s too much at stake to try and go it alone. You don’t have to wait for things to fall apart. We’ve got your back, we’re here to help.
“A man standing alone can be attacked
and defeated, but two can stand
back-to-back and conquer.”
Ecclesiastes 4:12 NLT 
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When appropriate, Take the Hill will refer our clients to see highly qualified therapists who share our approach to client care when the client’s need is outside our scope or specialty.