The Need

According to the American Worldview Inventory Report 2021- 22 (Barna Group), those 18-36 years old and their predecessors differ more now than any two generations in the last seven decades. Barna says this has caused church congregations to “lose spiritual unity at a rapid pace,” ultimately leading to a “robust rejection of the Christian faith,” by this generation. The research underscores the “necessity of preparing young Christians with a heart to transform their generation with biblical truth,” and confirms our desperate need for discipleship. We must respond.

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Our Story

Erik came to faith as a child and is a graduate of Belmont University and World of Life Bible Institute. As President of LifeSong Ministries since 2008, He's championed gospel- centered events and discipleship conferences for over 2000+ churches and organizations. In November 2021, Erik became President/Executive Director of Take the Hill Ministries.

Betsy is a graduate of MTSU and came to faith through an on-campus ministry. Erik and Betsy met while serving together in local church ministry, married in 2005, and have been in full-time ministry and missions ever since.

Ministry Highlights
  • 20+ years training and equipping believers.
  • 2000+ churches and organizations served.
  • Over 1,000,000 people reached with the gospel worldwide since 2000.
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Our Work

We simplify discipleship. Take the Hill exists to make the process of discipleship clear and attainable for every believer on Monday morning. In year one, our day-to-day focus will be on creating content, training, and curriculum designed around the step-by-step approach of our discipleship framework. Development will be done side-by-side with pastors and strategic partners. In year two, our goal will be launching digital courses, tools and materials, private coaching, and online mentorship communities for both individuals and local churches.

Jerry Tyson

Next Generation Pastor
Soul City Church

"Bledsoe and Take the Hill have been a game changer for me and my ministry!"

Derik Idol

Executive Director, Center for Youth Ministry, Liberty University

"Erik is a warrior for the Kingdom of God, a mentor of mentors, and a true authentic prototype of the biblical shepherd. He is a man who is not afraid to show his heart, a heart that bleeds for discipleship, biblical manhood, and raising up leaders. His work with Take the Hill is mission critical right now. Partner with him today.”

Ryan Grow

Creative Producer, LifeWay Media Founder/CEO, Grow Productions

“The church is in desperate need of creative discipleship methods. I believe Bledsoe and Take the Hill are helping to pioneer the new solutions that the church is waiting for.”

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Partner With Us

In order to accomplish God’s calling on our lives through Take the Hill, we rely on the financial support of individuals and churches who have a heart to reach this generation for Christ. Our most pressing need is for partners who will join us in financial and prayer support on a monthly basis. Additionally, we're raising funds for start-up costs such as equipment, technology, and partnership development, etc. Imagine what will be possible as we see revival through discipleship. Will you partner with us in reaching this generation for Christ?






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Together, We Can Change the World


“One generation will commend Your works to the next, and will proclaim proclaim Your mighty acts.”  ~Psalm 145:4

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