About Take the Hill

Life is hard and faith is messy. We know. Take the Hill is a family of brothers and sisters in Christ committed to helping each other love and follow Jesus well on Monday morning, so we can fulfill our calling, take the hill, and change the world... together.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

  • "How do I escape my past? I feel like a hostage." 
  • "Why do I continue to wrestle with the same struggles? Why is it so hard to follow Jesus consistently?"

  • "What's my calling? Do I even have one? Am I missing it?"

  • "How do I know I'm doing it right?"

If so then you've come to the right place!

Whether you're just getting started on your journey of faith or you're a battle tested veteran, we all struggle with these same questions in different seasons and in different ways. You're not alone. We can help.

Hi, I'm Erik Bledsoe

Welcome friends, I'm so glad you're here! I'm Erik Bledsoe - pastor, multi-award winning artist and worship leader, and spiritual leadership coach from Nashville Tennessee. I'm also the founder of Take the Hill.

Out of Darkness

Although I was raised in a wonderful Christian home, in college I turned my back on Jesus and abandoned my faith. Hurt by the Church and confused, I looked for comfort anywhere I could find it. 
For years I was held hostage by the lies, addiction, and depression. In the Lord's great mercy, He rescued me and brought me out. He surrounded me with friends and a community of faith so that I wouldn't be alone. And He taught me how to love and follow Him in practical ways that effected my real life. It was like leaving the darkness for the light; true, total transformation. It's been my great honor to spend the last two decades speaking, singing, writing, and helping people just like you experience that same inexhaustible love of God. Jesus literally changed everything for me and now I want to show you how He can do it for you to.

The Battle Is Real

As brothers and sisters in faith, I know you’re the kind of person who truly wants to fulfill your calling. You're tired of coasting and playing it safe; you want to fulfill your calling and change the world. In order for that to happen you first have to dig deep and build on Christ, get a proven plan to see it accomplished, and then develop the habits and practices required to experience real transformation. 
The problem is that life is hard and faith is messy. I know. The battle for your heart, future, and legacy are real. And there's a real enemy who only wants to steal, kill, and destroy all that God has for you. Sometimes his lies can make you feel like maybe God got it wrong, you don’t have what is takes, maybe you don't have a calling, or that your past mistakes are keeping you from your future. You wonder if you’re really "getting it right" or if maybe you're missing it.

You Can Fulfill Your Calling

But I believe, that because of Jesus, no son or daughter of God should ever feel held hostage by the lies of the enemy. I understand how it feels to wrestle with fear and faith, with getting it right, and with finding the path God has for you. And that’s why I created the "30-Day Spiritual Transformation Challenge." Here’s how it works. First, click the link below to get instant access - it's totally free. Second, watch the workshop and commit to take action.  It will help you transform your faith into daily actions, prevent drifting, and accelerate your spiritual growth while saving you time on your journey of faith. Finally, start to fulfill your calling in Christ and change the world.
All of God’s promises are true and they're for you. You can experience the “abundant life” Jesus says He came to give us. So, get FREE ACCESS to the "30-Day Spiritual Transformation Challenge" now, so you can stop feeling defeated and start becoming all that God's called you to be in Christ. Start now.

Ready to fulfill your calling and change the world?

Get FREE instant access to the "30-Day Spiritual Transformation Challenge" and learn how to stop drifting and start becoming all that God has called you to be in Christ - even if you're crazy busy, feel overwhelmed, and don't have a Ph.D in Christianity.